Saturday, November 14, 2015

my life as a medical student

hurm, nak start ni nak tulis bahasa melayu ke english?
melayu lahh, bukannye owang putih nak baca hidup medical student malaysia ni kan.

takut orang malaysia xpandai baca omputeh plak.hehehe.
medical students kotttt xkan english xpower. konon,pleasee laaahh *tangan kat bahu mata ke atas

haishh, jadi budak medic uitm ni agak payah,sapa kate senang?
sekarang sy 4th year, lepas 3rd year ok2 la, xpandai sgt, xbodoh sgt. hahaha mcm mana tu?

sekarang ni tulis blog mcm xde keje, padahal keje melambak. kehkeh ape nk jd ni? jawab la sendiri,

tahun 4 uitm medic ni ade 6 postings which are:
-short postings(forensic,ophtal,etc)
-primary care medicine

tahun ni, cuti mid sem xde, cuti sem pon 2 minggu, naik year 5 jadi org gila. sekajap je dh nk pro exam.

bukan ddk satu hospital je, pindah randah, setiap hari kne ulang alik sg buloh, mmg kne ade kereta. ingat kiteowg ni org kaye? kesian mak bapak. dapat bas pon ssh, apa kes? kene buat muka tebal la nk tumpang org. certain posting g HKL,mmg penat kne ikut masa sume org, ade klas xd klas, ko ddk la mereput kat situ. posting medicine endocrine kt hosp Putrajaya, keluar subuh, balik maghrib.

dh twu ni kan, tnye diri sendiri mampu ke? kalau sy twu dpd dlu mcm ni, mmg xnk amek medic. tp sekarang ni redha jelah, dh Allah tentukan jalan ni. doa dulu, ape yg terbaik. jgn behenti tengah jalan.

sekarang ni JPA pon xckup. sume ingt jpa ni kaya. weh, ciput je JPA, barang dh ber GST bagai,tol naik, public naik apa cer? JPA malaysia ye student ciput gile. baru 2 bulan, <60% dh abes, nk survive lg 4 bulan mcm mne? sy dh pening nk cari part time job. bos mana je bg flexible masa ikut tyme kite an? mak ayah? bukannye kaya sgt, serba slh nk mintak duet. dh harga sume naik, JPA xnk naik pulak? pastu expect kite serve kerajaan mcm kuli for 10 years? bagi ciput, kne kerja mcm kuli.

korang pk masak2 dlu, lifelong journey, mampu? sanggup? ok? bye. nak tido, bukan study. hahah

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

bandung itinerary

bandung itinerary

DAY 1:
9.10 am : Depart from bali
11.30am  : Reach bandung
12.00pm  : Check in the suites metro(10 minute to refresh)
2 pm : walking around/ depart to braga city
3pm: cihampelas walk(taxi bluebird)
8.00pm  : Light dinner
10.00pm: Balik Hotel
11.00pm: Sleep (early) to get ready for next day

Getting to the metro:
1. walk from airport 2km to ciroyom bus station,then stop at kiaracondong . then take a taxi about 10 minutes.
2. blue bird taxi
Accommodation: the metro
Deposit: 2,000,000rp ( HA: 1,406,100rp)
            333,334 rp/paz( HA: 234,350 rp)
Nearby apartment: Selangkah menuju factory outlet Pabrik Bajoe, rumah makan padang Sederhana, tempat makan murmer, 15 mnit ke Trans Studio 
MO-DAY – Walking distance or Natural/Donatello (9.00am to 9.00pm)
Jalan Braga: Dutch structure and stroll along the road.
Nearby attraction: Zoo
The Suites@Metro: Drive/Taxi About 9 min , 2.6 km
 Bandung Raya Eko (Cicalengka - Bandung)KA. 395towards Bandung:10 min (2 stops) · Stop ID: KACBandung.Walk About 10 min , 850 m

06.15am  : Wake up
07.00am  : Depart to Kawah Putih (1.5 hrs)
09.15am  : Reach Kawah Putih *Rp 40,000/pax
11.00am  : lunch mee bakso @ kaki bukit kawah putih
12.30pm  : situ patengan(30 m from kawah putih)
1.30pm    : depart to solat, pasar baru
4.00pm    : Reach pasar baru( shopping
                  souvenir) & solat          
8.00pm    : Leaving for dinner
8.30pm    : Dinner at paskal food market(bakmie)
*ade masa lebih: Shopping cihampelas/paris van java (20m)

Supir : rm 310/ 2d( rm52/pax) T:1,068,146(179,172/pax)
Kawah putih
Entrance fee: 18,000/pax
Parking fee: 6,000 rp
Total: 19,000 rp/pax (rm5.60)
Tips: Can get good deals next to the top parking lot KawahPutih (cheap)
Situ patengan
Fee : 15,000/pax rp (rm5)
Tips: Lovers should go around the lake and visit Batu Cinta to seal love

Few tips:
Get Brownies: Amanda Brownie’s new outlet at Jl Dago and purchased about 10 boxes of brownies to bring home (a must ole-ole for your friend and relative). Compared to Kartika Sari, Amanda’s were cheaper and tastier
-Make sure you reach the lake by at least 9:00 or 9:30 in the morning.
- Can get very good deals on strawberry next to the top parking lot at Kawah Putih. The strawberries are better and cheaper.
- Go to toilet near to entrance as the main toilet near to car park (kawah putih) is very awful
- You don't really need guide unless if you want to go for the tracking tour down to the crater. Tangkuban Perahu (which means hulk of overturned boat) a volcano, where we can drive right up to the rim to see the breathtaking view of the active volcano and its smoldering crater (can boil egg here) plus with 3 craters to visit (main one is Queen Crater).
- Shop: Tangkuban perahu. You can get Rp. 20K tee-shirt there (very cheap!). Don’t buy from them at first, if we are about to leave, all the price dropped instantly. If they insisted/persistent, just smile and wave your hand saying politely – tak mahu…

Dont tell the rental car that you will visit those 2 place in one day, because they will said its not possible. We leave 7am and arrive ciwidey white crater at 8.30am. The entrance fee is Rp 25.000 for local tourist and Rp 45.000 for foreigner. Thats include return shuttle from gate to the top. if you drive your own car to the top it will cost you Rp 150.000. then we continue to "situpatenggang" lake. its Rp 36.000 for 4 of us include parking fee. We have lunch there but the taste of food is so so). We skip the hot spring, and strawberry farm because its not too interest for us, so we continue to Mt. tangkuban perahu. we leave at 12.30 and arrived 3.45pm, yeah its took long way to get there. Well actually its only took 2.5 hours drive if no traffic, but you can't predict how bad the traffic is in Bandung when its raining. Lucky we get there on time, because they closed at 5pm. so we still have time, they have 3 crater due to raining and its already late, so 2 crater are closed :(. oh ya, the total entrance fee for this tourist object is Rp 99.000 (we are 3 local + 1 foreigner) its included parking fee as well. The weather so cold, you better bring your jumper. the view is very nice from up there. And theres some coffee shop if you would like to warm your self. if its raining, you can rent umbrella for Rp 10.000 (you can bargain to half price). And theres souvenir shop that you can bargain as well. Overall, we really enjoy this trip, even the time so tight but we've made it ;

06.00am  : Wake up
7.00am    : depart to tangkuban perahu
09.30am  : arrived tangkuban
11.00am  : depart lunch
11.30am : lunch @ rumah sabana/ vila istana bunga
12.45pm : depart
01.15am  : shop dago/juanda
03.15am  :rumah mode
05.30pm  : riau/martadinata
07.45pm  dinner @ d cost seafood at bandung indah plaza
9.00pm  : Go back to apartment
Tangkuban perahu:
Visitor: 75,000 rp (rm22)
Shuttle bus: 7,000 rp (rm2)
Jln Dago/Juanda:: Grande, Victoria,
Uptown, DSE (Better than Riau)
Jalan Rancakendal Luhur No. 5, Dago Atas (022-90224250)
*buy Amanda brownies + kartikasari

Jln Riau: Secret, Summit, Herritage, For Men, Terminal Tas, Oasis
Sport Shop: Walking distance from Jln Riau around 15 min
Angklung Orchestra performance by school children of different ages.
Dinner at Sagoo Kitchen Bandung/ Atmosphere (nice atmosphere)
Cihampalas Walk & Clubbing scene is around here
Spa: Try mandara, ardjuna, karang setra

08.00am  : Breakfast at Hotel
Kalu ade yg xsempat,pergi harini.
Train schedule: 13.30 / 16:15

4jam (70,000rp)serayu
3 jam(100,00rp)agro
*rmi recommend agro

Budget Expenses:
1) Accomodation: 333,334
2) Transportation: rm52/pax
4) Food and entry fees: Rp. 516,844 (rm150)
5) Airport tax: include in airasia
Total:  basic( 729,707rp) + rm150(food depends) + any additional taxi/bus(depends) ~RM380
1. Must keep Rp. 75,000 during back to Malaysia per person for airport tax
2. Must only take Blue Bird (meter cab) or will be chop – if no meter, have to bargain before entering the cab
3. To try Angkot (local minivan) for short distance if you are adventurous enough - is cheap only if you speak indonesian, and you need to know the route too, or youll be incredibly lost.
4. Speaking in their language, everything will be cheaper – learn their language ex-ant
5. Bring extra empty bag(s) – you will need it as ppl usually shop until they are drop - BUT beware of overloading baggage
6. Never drink unbottled water in Indonesia. You might be really sensitive and get diarrhea.
7. Also a good trick is to check in your luggage in LCCT and ask them to label your bags 'Fragile' so it comes out first.
8. Weather is cold there – like Cameron, must bring jacket/pashimi
9. Normally the tips range from *Rp. 1,000 – 3,000. Parking usually Rp. 2,000.00

Must Buy!
1) Famous bakery (selling layer cakes) is called Kartikasari and they are apparently #1 there. There are many other bakeries like Holland Bakery and also Mayasari and all of these are located throughout town.
2) Get Brownies: Amanda Brownie’s new outlet at Jl Dago and purchased about 10 boxes of brownies to bring home (a must ole-ole for your friend and relative if you are visiting Bandung in my opinion).According to some of the comment read from internet, compared to Kartika Sari, Amanda’s were cheaper and tastier. As for myself, both also worth trying!

Buying at FOs
1) Best FOs - strongly recommend Rumah Mode (compulsory to visit). Slightly more expensive than most other FOs, but it has a splendid restaurant & massage centre and an overall fantastic setting. The rich Indonesians shop here! For sportswear please visit DSE, a 4 storey store at Jl Dago. For first timer, places like Heritage and Cascade (selling almost same item but Heritage is better arrangemen and look more class) – both next to each other. Rumah MODE can let you try all the clothes, but Heritage and Cascade can let you try dress and non-t-shirt material only. If we can go to Ralph Lauren Polo Boutique at Matahari Mall (Jln Dago), very cheap and Ralph Lauren really worth buying.

For girls who loves Top Shop (MNG, Espirit) – find a lot at Rumah MODE. Banana Republic also worth buying since not found in Msia. But it is still expensive as selling RM40 for a singlet/spaghetti strap.

1) MODE: Supper jammed on weekend – be prepare for long queue just to try the clothes.
3) Natural: Just situated outside Mode with a decent collection (first or last stop after visiting Mode)
9) House of Donatello (Setiabudhi) – local brand selling mainly leather goods (shoes, wallets, purses, belts)
2) Heritage FO (Riau) – Big places
5) Summit (Martadinata/Riau) – Popular among regular shoppers
6) The Secret (Martadinata/Riau) – good brand name. Free wifi
4) Grande FO (Dago/Juanda) – Burberry jean are found here. Can ask for XXXL Size (or knows as Jumbo).
7) Victory FO (Dago/Juanda) – huge place and easily can spend 1-2 hours at the FO
10) For Men FO (Martadinata/Riau) – Dedicated only to men, find almost everything for men here and prices are reasonably cheap
8) Jeans Street or Cihampelas Shopping Street – Don’t expect high quality stuff ehre but prices are very cheap (CiWalk shoppng mall is worth checking out

Top 10 Recommended FO’s

Jln Setiabudi               : MODE (pronounce at MO-DAY), Donatello (Local brand selling leather goods)
Jln Riau/Martadinata   : Secret, Heritage, Summit, Terminal Tas
Jln Dago/Juanda         : Grande Fashion Gallery, Victoria (Better than Riau)
Jln Cihampelas            : Jeans Street / Ci Walk Shopping Mall
Jln Sukajadi                : Paris Van Java
Jln Diponegoro            : Cargo

Jln Riau/Mardinata:
Terminal Tas (Channel/Gucci bag – price out of FO range but still extremely cheaper than Msia)
- Summit (Accros the road) – Nike and Versace t-shit
- Herritage – jersey (outdated)
- New Herritage (next door) – Moritz’s full leather sandal Rp. 900,000 (70% disc)
- Dakken Café - serving continental and local food. (cost Rp. 120,000 – RM42)
- Stamp FO – selling urban young group
- Formen, Ranairi and Oasis – Purchase Armani Exc Jacket at Rp. 180,000 and belt at Oasis at Rp. 79,000

Jln Dago/Riau junction:
Merdeka Oulet (opposite Bandung Indah Plaza) – variety of men apparels
- Kartika Sari - kuih lapis, krepek and traditional cookies (quite exp)
- Episode and Grand FO – clothes and wallet (2 Burberry jeans at Rp175000/pc)
- Lunch at Sambrasa (Sunda restaurant) - packed with mostly local and Jakartan. Ordered: Gurame Bakar Kichap, Ayam Kampung (made, pop, kemeri), pegedil, cumil (squid) etc. Cost: Rp250,000. Wasn’t that cheap but totally reasonable
Amanda Brownies - new outlet at Jl Dago (a must ole-ole for your friend and relative) Compared to Kartika Sari, Amanda’s were cheaper and tastier
- Edward Forrer FO - leather utility bag at Rp80,000.
- Forego Victoria FO (another popular FO)
- Rumah Mode again for our final shopping.
- Blue Monster stall – try the ice blended Kopi Durian

2) To ensure you get "originals" the labels are normally cut or blackout - just like the ones in FOs or Reject Shop in M'sia plus the "Made in __" is prominently displayed either at the collar or at the bottom inshirts. Imitation/fakes never displayed their origins! Some shirts especially higher end ones have certificates of origin attached to them.

3) Tip for identifying original product (may not be true) is to look at the label area, which is normally torn off or darkened to hide the identity. Also look around for few marks of QC failure (ref arrow, label, etc) on the item itself. Do not expect latest design as most of the items sold in the outlets are export surplus, QC reject or return stock. Don't waste your time shopping at their mall, the items are almost the same price as KL.

4) General tip - While you do get some branded clothes at the factory outlets around Bandung, please note that super brands like Versace,  Channel, Christian Dior and other names are most likely fakes. They are usually mixed in with the other brands to make them look like real rejects. I would 99% confirm hat these are in fact fake knock offs so don't bother. You have a better chance with brands like ZARA, DKNY, Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Mango or MNG here.

5) Before as only 30-40% of the goods are original rejects/seconds/overruns/old stocks etc. The rest are cheap imitations from China or Indonesia. Do not think much about the brand, but go for the material quality instead.

6) "Do you know that Alain Delon, Gucci, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Brooks Brothers, Kohl’s, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Yves St Laurent, and many more world reknown up-market brands are made by the contract manufacturers in Malaysia?" (Penang Economic Monthly May 2007). Plus news from STAR online that suits from Saville Row London are made in Malaysia by founders of the Sparkmanshop chain!

7) Once you find an item that meet your taste and price range, grab it. You do not have plenty of time to do shop around for comparison. And you may also not find it in other FOs.

8) Buah Batu (South of Bandung) – “Paberik Badjoe” – Locals said it is best place in Bandung to buy “Sisa Export” because it is attached to huge textile factory. Location: GPS coordinates: -6.9458544230769,107.63749929487
Jalan Soekarno-Hatta Nomor 571, Bandung, West Java 40212Jl. near Buah Batu-Samsat junction

9) Cihampelas shopping: The price range from Rp. 5,000 to 30,000. It is like walking in Chow Kit shopping area, go if you have some time to kill, otherwise, go straight to FO at Dago, Riau or Rumah Mode.

Food (Must Try)!
For food, the famous food there is Sundanese Food, similar to Malay food.

1) Raja Rasa (Jl. Setrasari, Bandung 40287, Indonesia) – Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Supper from Rp. 47,000 to 95,000 (rated no.1) – ayam bakar bumbu pedas

2) Cizz (Jl. Pelajar Pejuang, Bandung, Indonesia) – Breakfast/Brunch from Rp. 16,000 to 95,000 – specialize in making cheese cake / best cheese cake in town

3) Setiabudhi – D’Cost Seafood (can checkout website for menu and prices, served food very fast even during peak hours) – Jl. Sukajadi No. 197, Bandung Indonesia – recommended Udang Bakar Pedas and Tumis Kangkung balasan – very Indonesian food, Great Food. Cheap price. Highly recommended!!

4) Nasi Padang (Ci Walk at Cihampelas - Risoles) and (Paris Van Java Mall) – and also to try Martabek Manis, Chocolate and Cheese (some time like Apam Balik but taste better)

5) Eat at Nasi padang Simpang RayaAyam Goreng SuhartiKampung Daun-dinnerThe Valley -dinner, Sangkuriang-special fish soup must try and Ampera.

6) Kampung Daun (Jl. Sersan Bajuri KM 4.7 No. 88, Cihideung, Bandung) – breakfast, lunch and dinner, I would highly recommend eating Bala Bala for appetizer (best in Bandung) and their Bebek Goreng Kampung Daun and Sop Ikan Gurame was excellent.

7) Paskal Food Market: Have 50 different types of stalls here.
Food to try: Pecel lele, Batagor Kingsley, Milkshake, Ikan Gurame, Nasi Padang Ikasari (Opposite mutiara hotel), Bakso Malang, Martabak, Kartika Sari Pisang Molen, Siumay, Hoka Bento, Bakmie near pasar baru, Cheese brownies, roadside food (dirty cheap – less than Rp. 15,000 per serving)

8) The Stone Café: Jalan Rancakendal Luhur No.5 Dago Atas | Dago Atas, Bandung 40198, Indonesia - ordered Ice Kopyor, Be there around 5.30 - 6 pm so you wont miss the sun set view, to try the "Buntut bakar" which is grill oxtail that comes with rice, and soup which was good. The other recommendation is the Iga Sapi bakar which is grill beef ribs, its so delicious cant find elsewhere. Drink: fresh juices which is pure and really fresh and also cheap. Chose a "hut" with a low table (no chairs) accompanied by a few pillows. The view was superb and the atmosphere is very cooling. Might need a light jacket if you can’t stand the cold. Every night there is a live band to entertain you.

-We had Fried Calamari and Fried Mozzarella Cheese for starters (all cooked to perfection). Main course we had Sup Buntut Bakar (BBQ Oxtail) comes with rice, Sate (with rice), Nasi Goreng, among others. Recommended is the Sup Buntut.

-The margarita pizza was outstanding! The colorful taste on this pizza, superb! The balance between the raisins, cheese, olives, and pineapple was absolutely perfect! For our main dish my husband ordered a lamb dish, it came with rice and vegetables! We had never tasted such tender lamb before! The seasoning was just the right amount and not too over powering! I, on the other hand, ordered theZuppa Zuppa soup! This soup comes with a puff pastry baked on top of the bowl of creamy chicken and mushroom soup! 
-For dessert we ordered the warm chocolate lava cake and then we ordered one more dessert calledPoffertjes which is a classic dessert from Holland! You can choose whatever insides you want, but we choose cheese and chocolate!
-We went on a weekday so there's not much crowd. Packed on weekend, book early if you wish to go there on weekends.

- For seafood lover, try Pondok Pessangrahan in Karapitan.
- For batagor, my favorite is batagor abuy in lengkong – dish called Batagor Rini
- For local sundanese food, you can try laksana or ampera restaurant, but be careful, the sambal very spicy one.

indonesia backpacking tour( bali itinerary)

we, group of 6 include 3 boys and 3 girls went to bali, bandung and jakarta on 23/8/15 - 30/8/15.

bali: 4D3N
bandung: 4D3N
jakarta: 2D1N

this post only for our itinerary. experience and costs will be post later.

1) bali itinerary


Depart:3.45 pm
Arrived 6.30 pm
Accommodation: rabasta angkul beach inn         
                            Setia budhi inn

Airport transfer
Leisure time/ night life  around the area at night

For 2 rooms:  687,000 rp/night
Setia budhi: 120,000 rp/pax/2 nights

Motor rental: 80,000 rp/day
                         Sewa ¾ motor
Rp 100,000/car/6people

8 am: tanjung benoa
Kuta beach/ shopping
Resting time
1.30 pagi: trekking mount batur
35 min drive(kalau motor?)

Deal w pak isme
 1.30 am : trekking mount batur(volcano)
Bali coffee
Tanah lot sunset
4 hours return.
Total fee:300,000rp(include trekking and other places)
Supir: pak isme(+6281338614174)
Bring water n food sbb nnt trekking penat.(+torchlight)
Xtdo smpi maghrib, gather energy plz
8.30 am : gerak ke airport
Depart bandung :  9.10 am